Triton Shower Repairs


Triton Shower Repairs

We are Triton Shower Repairs specialists, our fully qualified Triton Shower repair engineers can repair your Triton shower professionally and more importantly, correctly.  We have put together a list of some electric shower problems we have dealt with in the past. This list does not cover every Triton shower repair that we get a call for but it is covers a fair amount of them.

  • Triton electric shower dripping
  • Triton shower low water pressure fault
  • Triton shower is cold
  • Triton electric shower not hot enough
  • Triton electric shower not working fused
  • Triton shower problems no hot water
  • Triton shower low water pressure
  • Triton electric shower tripping out
  • Triton electric shower limescale
  • Triton shower stopped working fixed
  • Triton electric shower keeps cutting out
  • Triton electric shower stopped working fixed
  • Triton shower troubleshooting flow
  • Triton shower replacement parts
  • Triton shower pump problems
  • Triton electric shower water pressure problems
  • Triton shower has no hot water
  • Triton shower running hot and cold
  • Triton shower broken no water
  • Triton electric shower fault diagnosis 


Triton Power Showers Repaired

These are just some of the Triton models that we repair so please contact us even if you do not see your Triton model on this list.

  • Triton Aspirante Power Shower
  • Triton AS 2000xt
  • Triton AS2000x
  • Triton T90z
  • Triton T150Z
  • Triton Aspirante Topaz
  • Triton Topaz T100si
  • Triton T80si
  • Triton T100 XR
  • Triton T80 xr
  • Triton Rally Electric Shower
  • Trition T70Z
  • Triton T150Z
  • TritonT90xr
  • Triton T80z
  • Triton T900pi 
  • Triton T90SR 


Whatever the Triton shower repair problem with your Triton shower, we will be out to you promptly to diagnose the fault and complete all required  action to fix your Triton Shower. If we find that your Triton shower cannot be repaired we will provide you with a quotation to replace your Triton shower unit.

Covering North Dublin & South Dublin we aim to be out to repair your Triton shower on the day that you contact us, we offer a fixed price call-out and labour charges with  no hidden surprises.  We are Fully insured & all of our Triton Shower Repairs are fully guaranteed.

If your Triton Shower is acting up why not contact us today?


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